Science, Ethics and Faith - a conversation about the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill
The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill, which is currently before parliament, includes proposals on many issues relating to fertility, reproduction and the family, but much of the public debate has surrounded how the Bill would regulate research on human embryos and allow the creation of human admixed embryos - which contain human and animal material - for research purposes.

The Bill raises significant ethical questions, touching on the origin of human individuality and on what it is to be human. Given the complexity of the science involved and the variety of ethical and religious positions on the status of embryos, it is not surprising that the debate has often been heated.

In order to move beyond sound bites and encourage a balanced and respectful exchange of opinions and information, on Friday 16 May, the Wellcome Trust hosted a conversation held at Wellcome Collection between religious leaders of various faiths, scientists and clinicians, ethicists, philosophers and representatives of medical charities about the Bill.

The full discussion is now available to view for free, so that it might help to clarify public understanding and inform debate in the House of Commons.
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